My first trip without plans – 2

For the first part here: My first trip without plans

Here it is the second part, it’s about some episodes and experiences I loved in this trip 🙂


I spent such a good time with my host. During the days I was wandering around the city alone meanwhile he was at work and in the evenings I was always with my host. One evening after a good typical street food in the city center and a beer, we were chilling in his terrace near a lake: cold drink, a nice cat, perfect temperature and good talks, what else?
Another evening we went to the city. He knew a perfect place to chill and to have a top-quality dinner and beers. I would never have found that place without my host.

A lot of people told me that in Poland is almost impossible to be vegetarian
Do you want to chiiiiiiiiiiiiil?? 😀

He also managed to host me for other 2 nights, even with his commitments. We even went together on a hill to see the city from above and in the city center. And if it wasn’t enough, two icings on a cake… We had a lot of things in common and I don’t know how, we started to talk about archery and I said that I tried some years ago for the first and last time in my life, which I enjoyed so much. The next morning we were in an archery range with his bow and he was teaching me how to do it. A private lesson of one of my favorite sports *-*.

archery collage.jpg
Pretty proud and happy of the results 😀

The second icing on a cake: he gave me a wonderful present, one of the best toiletry bags for travelers existing on earth! I’m still so excited to have this magnificent piece of gear (we share the same passion about travel gears :D). I’ll never be enough grateful to that man!! (if you are reading, man, my home is your home, wherever it is!)

Morskie Oko

Oh my gosh, Morskie Oko. I think these pictures will say more than thousands of words…Waterfall Morskie Oko

20180807_132925 modif.jpg
I stood at this point of view for 1h30m, absolutely astonishing!!
Zakopane region, Kiry

And now some pictures of another hike around Zakopane region from Kiry to Smreczyński Staw (absolutely no idea how to pronounce it)

20180806_145939 modif.jpg
The view just outside one of the caves of “Jaskinia Mylna”
20180806_160436 modif.jpg
“Smreczyński Staw” lake

Do you know when you meet someone somewhere in the world and when the goodbye is coming you say “we will see again, I hope!” Well, it actually happens, sometimes. I met, again, friends who I met for the first time in Newcastle one year before. We spent amazing time together there, we became particularly attached, and we repeated in Czech after EXACTLY one year. Unfortunately, the third friend wasn’t able to come (next time, dear 🙂 ) and it was for just one day and a half, but it was extremely nice to see them again.

Just US 😀 

Brno during a free tour: talking with a nice german-girl, she told me the day after she, and her friends, would have gone to Wien. I thought: “oh nice, I always wanted to go to Wien, should be a nice city”. After rejecting an invitation for the evening with them – I already had an appointment with old friends – I was checking a map where it was written “Wien – 2 hours”, with the direction. WTF? Really? It is just 2 hours from here! Ok, tomorrow I’ll be there. Booked the bus and sent a message to the german-girl telling her to meet in Wien tomorrow. How beautiful is be without plans? 😀 Anyway, unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to meet 😦 but Wien was extremely nice, and not only for the world-famous Sacher cake.

The best Sacher cake EVER (a bit expensive)

I already said how much I love eating alone, right? In Wien, there was a film festival, but it was more a nice place with tons of street foods and beers than a film festival. Eventually, during the evenings there were some films, but almost nobody cared about the movies 😀20180811_212147

Dècin, Bohemian Switzerland

This is what I wrote one day: Amazing things I did today in the north of the Czech Republic:
1 – In the morning, I accidentally met and caressed a 7-weeks tiger on a leash, the CUTEST thing I ever saw (first time in my life)
2 – In the night I slept in a tent (first time in my life)
3 – In the early afternoon I climbed alone a 95m rock doing via ferrata, one of the scariest things I did in my life (first time in my life)
4 – In the late afternoon I hiked in one of the best places I ever been. I had to do extremely fast to be able to reach the last bus, I did too fast and I took the penultimate one hour before 🙂 but still, I enjoyed relaxed the awesome views, don’t worry
5 – I saw 2 snakes during the hike. They were really small, but still 😀 (first time in my life)
6 – In the evening I went for a beer and relax, and I find myself enjoying a party with locals some minutes later 😀
About the first one, the Tiger. Yes, it was legal, they were building a circus just outside my camping and when I came out I saw this little beautiful thing.

Little tiger.jpg
Just this little thing made my day!!
Decin rock
I climbed that f*****g rock wall and I’m still alive!
Pravčická brána Czech.jpg
Pravčická brána – Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

I was there when I was 18yo with my high school class. I wanted to come back to see again with different eyes. That trip was my second time outside Italy and I have very good remember about it. And, also, I think Prague is the jewel of Europe, it’s extremely beautiful. It was so nice wandering around the city, meanwhile, you recognize places where you spent such a good time a lot of years ago. I felt a bit old, but I did a lot of introspections about how much I changed in this years, how I look differently the city and the people. Nice time for myself 🙂

Praha sunset.jpg
Waiting for the sunset 🙂

You can understand how horrific is the war. You heard the stories, see the pictures of the city destroyed…thoughtful moments.

Warsaw building war.jpg
One of the last pre-war buildings in Warsaw
Warsaw – home

There is a funny story about my last two days of the trip. Here the post: That time I went to the hospital with the police (and my backpack lost). That’s pretty much everything. Ok no, I’m kidding. It’s just a little part, it’s impossible to share all places, people and emotions that a trip like this give to you 🙂

Always curious, keep exploring, Wo/a\nder




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