9 (other) things you don’t know about Lithuania

Hello 🙂

Here it is with some other curiosities and annoying things I discovered living in Lithuania. I already published a post about the same topic, if you want to look at it, you can do it here: 26 things you don’t know about Lithuania

1 The floors of the buildings are counted starting from 1, not 0. It can be confusing!

What you find inside an elevator…the number 0 is missing!

2 The sheets aren’t big enough for the entire bed (or at least, everywhere I’ve been it was like that, from shitty hostels to 5stars hotels). Also, there aren’t sheets with elastic in the corners. C’mon! It is not difficult to do sheets 20cm more, why you don’t do that? It’s so annoying!!

Sheets with elastic to cover the mattress, I miss them!

3 If you are Lithuanian, please, don’t cook pasta for an Italian…I really appreciate your effort to do something nice for me, so much! But….really, please! I can say that I, and some Italian friends, call Lithuanian pasta like this: “pasta-glue”.

4 Shutters don’t exist in this country. There are just curtains, and when in the summer there are just a few hours of darkness, it’s veeeeeeery nice.

Beautiful old shutter…not in Lithuania!

5 The humankind was able to invent the mosquito net, why doesn’t exist in this country?

5 The push scooter is cooler than the skateboard. In the skateparks, you’ll find a lot of push scooters and few skateboards, strange, usually is the contrary.

20180414_153757 modif.jpg
Skatepark in Vilnius

6 Lithuanians love the gestures of driving meanwhile singing and dancing, at every concert or event there is at least one or two artists in the stage doing it. Don’t know why!

7 Lithuanians get off the shoes at the entrance of the house, like in Japan!! But they don’t use flip-flop or similar, usually go with just the socks. It’s the same in most of the east and north-European countries.

8 Lithuanian language doesn’t have so many bad words, so why don’t borrow from the Russian language? Cool idea 😀

9 It’s common saying labas (it means hello) and don’t receive an answer but just an angry/sad face looking at you, so nice! Now I’m used to it and I discover myself to not saying hello when I encounter someone in a commonplace…bad habits started here! But the funny thing is that if you start to help them, if they need something, or they see you in some difficult situation they help you with a big smile on the face and also starting to laugh together about the situation and even some conversation. Thereafter, if you say the same day or the day after to the same person “hello” with a smile, you will receive the same angry/sad face…but if it’s accompanied with a hint of head you are very lucky! I really don’t get this behavior, probably just a different culture! It is a generalization, it happens often but not always, thank God!

Yep, typical Lithuanian face when you say hello

Always curious, keep exploring, Wo/a\nder




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