That time I went to the hospital with the police (and my backpack lost)

AKA: How to end up badly a 21-days trip

AKA: A funny story to tell

Country: Lithuania and Poland

Places: Warsaw – Vilnius – Visaginas – Zarasai

Time: 18th and 19th of August 2018

In a sentence: damn it!!

Everything started in a hostel in Warsaw Saturday 18 August 2018, in the morning. I was drinking my tea for breakfast and one nice person I met the day before offered gently to me a peanut butter, I said yes thanks and I spread it on the bread…

This was the conclusion that I reach after some days, in the rest of the story I have no idea of what happened to me.

Thus, some hours later I had some “mosquitoes’ bites” in my hands and arms. Oh damn it, I thought, I have the after-bite in the backpack at the hostel. Not a big deal. A lot of hours and kilometers later the numbers of the “mosquitoes bite” increase a lot and one idea came to my mind: “what if it is an allergy?”. Three years ago I had a very bad skin problem after eating some shrimps. I discovered I’m allergic to my favorite food. Nice, right? Well, I didn’t eat shrimps since then :‘( and for sure I don’t want to try when I’m traveling. So, I started to think what I ate or if I touched something in particular. Nothing came to my mind.

20180818_194627 modif.jpg
A pleasant evening, despite everything

I enjoyed my time in Warsaw during the evening and when I started to came back to my hostel I was thinking that maybe it was better took the pills anti-allergy that I have with me. I took them. Arrived at the hostel I took a shower, maybe can help. Nope, that f******g shower’s water came out just extremely hot or cold, neither of them good for the skin at the moment.
Well, I have one long night in the bus to Vilnius, tomorrow I’ll wake up there and I’ll be okay… My optimism didn’t work… after a “nice” night in the bus, still the same, even worst. What to do now? I’m in the capital of Lithuania, it’s almost 9 in the morning. Go to some hospital in Vilnius, where maybe I can find some doctor who speaks English, or go to my little town and hope everything will be okay? I chose the second one because I have my pills. I didn’t want to eat anything, just pasta or rice with oil at my place. In Italy, we say “mangiare in bianco”, literally translated to “eat in white” that means eat just very digestible and simple food. I still have no idea what’s happening to me… After one hour I took the first bus for 3 hours to a little town, called Visaginas, near the town where I live. There, I have to take another bus to Zarasai, my town.

20180818_205714 modif.jpg
Warsaw is better during the night than the day

Premise: I travel with one backpack that is divisible in two, so I have one big mother-backpack and one small day-backpack that is attachable to the mother one; it is really good for travels. Premise two: I never been to Visaginas in my life before.

So, I was really surprised when I discovered that the bus station doesn’t exist, just a normal bus stop. I was sitting on the bus and in this normal bus stop everybody left the bus. The bus was totally stopped waiting for me to went out. Where am I and where the f**k I have to go for the next bus? With my very bad Lithuanian and some gestures, I asked to the bus driver and got where. I went out to the bus with my day-backpack. To be sure, I asked to a nice young couple if it was okay where I was going, in the meanwhile the bus started. They were speaking English and were surprised to find an Italian here, in the middle of nowhere. So I went to the other bus stop to wait. My worries were increasing because my condition was worst…after something like 15 minutes I was looking at my day-backpack and I had one of the worst flashes in my mind: WHERE IS IT MY BACKPACK? Two seconds to realize: I left in the previous bus… ok, calm down. My passport, my phone, and my money are with me. I have also a jacket, water, and all the necessities in my day-backpack. I will not die, at least. Finished to think it my bus to Zarasai arrived. A bit (a lot maybe) worried about my stuff. I called the only person I can call in these situations, my lovely mentor. She gave me some wise advices and I went to police after asking to the bus driver where it was. It was a nice scene, usually I start to say one or two words in Lithuanian to say hello and then ask if he/she knows English, so I did it with the driver. The answer was the same as always, very bad and angry face and a “no” as an answer. I tried anyway to ask if he knows where it was the bus that I left, same sad expression, a bit angrier and no answers. At that point, I think I changed the expression in my face, in a worst one, and I said: “Okay, police, policija?”. The driver, understood there was an emergency, literally jumped out of the bus to indicates me where it was, with some English words. So, now, do you know some English, eh? -_-‘’

Found the police station, literally hide behind some trees (make a sign no, eh?) I rang the bell and I explained that I need someone who speaks English, in my usual -lithuenglish-. “You wait ten minutes”, okay. And then two policemen came. I explained everything and they asked if I had a passport or money or valuable things in that backpack, I said that I had some valuables and the backpack was locked with a padlock. In reality, I had just my very expensive e-book reader and clothes, some of them just bought in Poland. Here, I have to explain: usually, all valuables are with me when I travel, I never put in the mother-backpack and this time was the first one that I forgot to put the e-book reader in my day-backpack…usual bad luck!

Anyway, after some calls, the policemen told me that the bus driver found my mother-backpack in the luggage store of the bus, good! But the bus now is on the way back to the capital, Vilnius, bad! But another bus will come to Visaginas at 19.05 with my backpack and I can have it back, very good! But at that time there is no bus to Zarasai, so I have to take a taxi for 25km or find another solution, bad!

Ok, it’s 14.00, I have to wait for five hours, what to do? Well, I’m not feeling good for the allergy reaction, there should be a hospital around, right?
So, when the policemen were saying goodbye to me I asked where it was the hospital. A bit alarmed they asked me why and I show them my arms explaining that I had no idea why I had these things on my body, maybe an allergy reaction to – I don’t know what -. They told me “come with us, we’ll bring you to the hospital”. And so, I did a ride in a police car for the first time in my life, to go to a hospital. Nice! I felt like a rockstar escorted by police, or like a prisoner, points of view 😀

Obviously, the doctor didn’t speak English and one policeman became my translator. After 3 minutes I was in a room in the hospital with a doctor, a policeman and a nurse with a really nice needle. The policeman told me: “they will give you 2 injections, one in the arm and one in the bottom”. Meanwhile, the nurse was preparing everything he started to ask me about what I was doing as a volunteer and things like that. I never expected to be with my bottom in the air in front a policeman chatting in English about 3D printers with a needle in the ass (that was hurting). Funny!

Thereafter I went to the supermarket where I bought bread and carrots. It was my breakfast, my lunch, and my afternoon snack at the same time. After I just went around a park and a lake for hours, waiting for the bus.

20180819_171229 modif.jpg
There’s a lake, at least!

Then, I started to become a bit anxious about timing. And if the policeman told me “seven o five” but I understood badly or he said a wrong number? So at six o’clock, I was already at the bus stop and for every bus stopped there, I took off my jacket, because the policeman said to the bus driver that I had a red t-shirt, to recognize me. But during the afternoon was cold and I wear the jacket. The nice thing it was that started to rain exactly when a lot of buses came. I also ask to a bus driver if he had a backpack and the very angry bus driver started to yell something closing the door literally on my face. I love Lithuanian bus drivers, they are so cute and nice!!

It’s “seven o five” and no more buses in the last fifteen minutes. It’s ten after seven. Nothing. My stomach began to writhe. You really can’t imagine my happiness when a bus, at 19.14, arrived, the bus driver left the bus to go to the back…and…my lovely backpack was there. Do you know when in the movies something appears with a golden aura around it? Exactly the same! I don’t how many “aciu, aciu labai, aciu” (it means thanks in Lithuanian) I said to the driver who started to laugh.

The journey on the taxi was one of the happiest of my life, I forgot my allergy for twenty minutes!!

End of the story.

P.S. yep I know, I started to tell about my long journey with the very end. Don’t worry, I’ll write other articles about the trip 😀

Always curious, keep exploring, Wo/a\nder



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