Why I love EVS so much?

I’ll go directly to the answer: because permit you to fall in love! Yep, exactly. But it isn’t about what you’re thinking, don’t worry, I will explain.

The starting is from another question: Why I love to travel? The answer is exactly the same: because permit you to fall in love! But, what am I meaning when I say that? That I will fall in love with a girl and marry her? No. I mean, yes, can happen, of course, but this is not what I wanted to say.
When you travel you meet a lot of wonderful people and you see so many amazing places, but these words are not enough to describe the feeling you have when one person or one place becomes extremely special for you. I have to admit it, when I travel I literally fall in love with people and places so many times! And there’s nothing better in the world, in my opinion.

20180413_200056 modif heart.jpg

EVS is better than just travel

I will say more, EVS is better than just travel!! It seems almost a blasphemy for me. I mean, nothing can be better than travel, right? But “everything is relative” (quote) and also the word “travel” is extremely relative; I will explain. For me, EVS is a sort of a slowly traveling, and that’s fantastic. Usually, when you travel you see people and places for just some hours or days, if you’re lucky. When you start to travel slowly you’ll stay with new people and in new places for a lot of time, weeks or months. What I’m trying to say is that you can “taste” them much better. You can find little details that you can’t catch in a short time. You can almost start to call a place “home” and a person “friend” or “love”. I mean, it is not only about beautiful places and people in a “shallow” way, but you can also go really into the culture, people, places and everything you want. It’s a completely different experience, believe me.
You can like it or not, but everyone should try once, at least 🙂

Always curious, keep exploring, Wo/a\nder




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