Article about me


I think it is really hard to write about yourself. You must be objective and honest and be able to look inside yourself, not really simple. This was my first task in my EVS volunteering and I tried at the best.

This article came out in a local newspaper and on the library’s website.

I am Francesco Farinella, 24 years old (almost 25) and I come from Pisa in Tuscany, Italy. I think you have already heard of this city because of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The region, Tuscany, is well-known for the wonderful hills, for one of the best wines in the world, Chianti, and for one of the most touristy places in Italy, Florence.

I was born in Pisa, which is located in the north central part of Italy, but my parents are from the southern part of Italy, from a big island called Sicily, however they have been living in Pisa for a while. You need to know that the south and the north of Italy are very different culturally, so I was born in the northern part but with the culture of the south, I’m a sort of a mix of both.

As for my university career, I have a bachelor degree in product design and I’m studying yacht design, a master’s degree, in a city near my hometown. I really like designing every kind of things, from a spoon to a mega-yacht. I think good products can improve life and I would like to translate visions and dreams of the customers into concrete objects.

About me, I have a lot of interests, maybe too much. My first passion was cars since I was a child, I was fascinated by speed and the sound of fast and luxury cars. During my life I have discovered that I love many other things, for example, I did a lot of different sports like basketball, tennis, swimming, inline skating, yoga and now I’m focusing on snowboarding and I’d like to try all kind of sports.

I’m in love with food, obviously, I’m an Italian, How could I not! I love trying always new foods, better if it’s strange, for me. My favorite food I think is two of the classic Italian foods: Pizza and Lasagna. But in my travels, I tasted so many interesting plates that I don’t remember their names.

My worst quality is memory. I literally have the worst memory ever, I don’t remember anything like birthdays, names, films, anything. You can tell me something and I will forget it ten seconds later, I have to write down everything. But sometimes it is good, I can read a lot of times the same book as the first one. Another flaw about me is that I’m a bit stubborn and maybe too much competitive.

I love hiking in nature and wandering without a destination in unknown cities. But the most thing that I love is to travel around the world, I’m hungry to know different cultures, people and wonder the beauties of this world, exploring as much as possible. I like being outside of my comfort-zone to open my mind and challenging myself. Enter in the unknown is really exciting for me; when everything is new you feel like a child, everything has to be discovered, I think this is wonderful. This is one of the reasons why I chose to do an EVS.

Despite my adventurer side I’m a quiet and shy man, I think I’m a half introvert and half extrovert.

Another thing about me is that I’m in love with fantasy books but recently I have been reading books about science, sci-fi, and solo travel. My favorite books are The inheritance cycle by Paolini, Harry Potter saga and Chronicles of the emerged World by Licia Troisi.

I like sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, comedy, travel films, and series. My favorite films are Into the wild and Captain Fantastic then The secret life of Walter Mitty, Amélie, Star Wars saga, The Bucket List, The internship and others.

More or less, this is me.

Always curious, keep exploring, Wo/a\nder




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