First post

Welcome to my blog

I think it is important to start very good, so I’ll write only a few things to not bother you.


Me, of course! A “normal” Italian guy who is living and volunteering in Lithuania. You can go here → About to know something more about me 😉


Travels, living abroad, EVS experiences (if you don’t know what is EVS, I’ll write an article about it) and whatever my mind tells me.


From today to December for sure, after… I’ll see, if I like to write here and the answer is positive maybe I’ll never stop 😀 I think I’ll write at least once per week / two weeks.


Around the globe, now I’m living in Lithuania, in the border with Latvia to be precise, but I’m planning a lot of interesting travels around Europe (and maybe not only :). More, I will write articles about my previous travels and experiences.


I was thinking about creating a blog for many years but I was too lazy to do it. Now I’m doing an EVS and my organization asked me to do a blog. So that’s perfect!


I’ll write in English, or better, I will try to do it! It’s not my mother language and I’m still not good enough at it. This is another method to improve my second language and I hope to not do so many mistakes, if yes, I’m sorry!

The five WH questions are always helpful, right? 🙂

Always curious, keep exploring, Wo/a\nder



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